Virtualize Your iPad and iPhone

iPad and iPhone may become virtual workstations with a simple application downloadable once an organization has dedicated a computer to receive the ios request.  It works simply by an itunes free app which simply requires an ip address or hostname (if applicable) in it’s configuration. Connecting allows you to see a program window with available applications, icons and shortcuts.  Double clicking on them through iphone / ipad allows virtualization of that device and displays for the user the running program and data that is on the host computer.  With different profiles on the host gateway computer an ipad  or iphone can run applications like Microsoft office and other complex apps without loading anything on the ipad.

The tips and tricks for ipad / iphone configuration:

  1. Ensure your Virtual workstation software is installed and you have that hosted with a public or private routable IP Install the Virtual Workstation software
  2. Never click to remember the password in case you misplace your iphone or idevice
  3. Log out when you are done using your host gateway connection.

It’s really that simple with the I-devices. Running huge applications and data files with remote horsepower gives ipads and iphones encrypted channel to enormous power. MS Word can open through the ipad in a second and provide access to all your files remotely.  Best of all there’s nothing ever on the ipad. The iPad and iPhone also have keypad touchscreen capability for editing.

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