Setting Up Remote Computing

Work from Anywhere is being demanded for many organizations.  Often only a few are allowed, but when offered, it can improve productivity or empower remote or road warriors to see their data remotely.  Law firms can now see files in their corporate office via their iphone with  a click of an iPhone app.  Workers can use, edit word documents, excel, and even have outlook anywhere.  In essence you can run your entire business from an ipad, that actually has zero data on it if stolen.  Construction love having capability of seeing huge PDF’s of blueprints while onsite with and ipad, and zooming to the page and detail and not carrying any paper.  Doctors can use it.  Even students can use it if there are special apps or even special needs apps that can be accessed by students from anywhere, anytime from any device.

To enable Remote Computing

  1. Install the Virtual Workstation Host software on the Server, AND the Virtual Workstation software for the client (or download via itunes for IOS)
  2. Ensure you have a public or private IP statically configured to connect to.
  3. Open the Firewall and forward port that you chose to the static internal IP
  4. Open the app (ios) or the Application to connect and enter the IP (public or private), along with credentials.
  5. See your remote apps and enjoy your new connection!
  6. By Default the icon for things like MS Word will populate and you’ll be instantly sharing.

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