Keeping Service Up with Microsoft Patches

Microsoft Update does not plan for compatibility with others, rather simply releases what it wants.  On rare occasions these patches can change the way windows works and alter the ability of users to access the virtual workstation host, gateway or server.  Fortunately there is a best practice when virtualizing:

To Maximize Uptime and defend against serious MS patches that can take you down:

  1.  Isolate the PC / Server acting as the Virtual Gateway Host machine, in that no-one can access it but the IT.
  2.  Update all the patches and AV prior to installing Virtual Office software, which can be downloaded at ____________.  If you need a good intelligent AV system, take a look at ________________.
  3.  Disable patches and automatic downloads of Windows Update.  Instead schedule a periodic time once every few weeks to download and install the patches.  Remember to backup BEFORE you patch.
  4.  Ensure Firewall policies and filtering policies do not allow the Virtual Gateway Host machine to surf the Internet via the Virtual connection which could open the machine to malware.

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