Hosting Apps Virtually

99% of our experience with a computer is using applications.  For virtual workstations the elimination of the distraction of computer configuration allows a simple window to represent the available programs to the user community.  Permissions can be placed on some apps to only allow certain users access.  Application usage will load programs like  MS Office, Word, Outlook, Notepad, custom EXE’s, Databases, and more through the connections enabling users to not have local installations of heavy applications.  This configuration helps to reduce help desk, eliminate timely program updates when dealing with multiple computers, and centralized security and files.

  1. Install the Virtual Workstation software
  2. From the Host Server open the configuration window and find tab “Applications”.
  3. Browse for the desired EXE and click select.
  4. By Default the icon for things like MS Word will populate and you’ll be instantly sharing.
  5. For custom Codes, ports, command line special needs for EXE’s, enter that in the Application Configuration once you have selected the appropriate shared program.

Publishing applications becomes a simple and fast way to centralize horsepower and security while allowing powerful application experiences on items such as Ipad, iphone and all manner of Windows and MAC PC’s and Laptops.  The best part about the program is that only the visual representation of the monitor is transmitted so it’s fast and does not burden the end-user connection machine.  Publishing applications should be done only where there is sufficient licensing with the applications being published and the rights to the license exist.

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