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Who’s going virtual?

Everyone is going virtual to some extent. Mobile devices and web access anywhere is creating the need of all levels of a company to need access to data remotely. Enterprise companies do this with expensive solutions and dedicated administrators, but until now small offices could not afford the typical solutions. Virtual Workstation provides a software that allows an office to choose chosen people to access certain apps and data securely with remote devices such as ipad, laptop, mac, iphone etc.

How can I go virtual?

The only two pre-requisites are that you have a Static IP address, and a computer or server dedicated to stay online during the hours a remote user needs access. Once you determine which apps and data needs access, click on FREE Trial DOWNLOAD and install it on your host dedicated computer or server. Our recommendation is to view the installation demo prior to installing. After installing the host software, you will simply download the client and install on end point, or install via appstore.